Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of complaining about their roles as members of the royal family. And some netizens are wondering if this shows that they are both spoiled and privileged in their own right.

On the online forum site Quora, the majority of the royal fans said that they don’t think the Duke of Sussex is spoiled even though he is obviously privileged. After all, he is not the one who has been complaining but his wife.

Graham Short, a musician, writer and entertainer, said that the Duchess of Sussex has actually been using her husband as a mouthpiece to voice her concerns and complaints to the media. And since Prince Harry is weak and vulnerable, he has no choice but to follow his wife’s demands.

“This is her narcissistic personality disorder kicking in. Her sense of high-importance and her desire for attention and admiration has enveloped Harry and the Royal Family. She acts selfishly and believes she is more entitled to things than other people. She doesn’t care how foolish she is making Harry look, as long as she can fantasize about unlimited success,” he said.

Chris Hawkes, a supporter of constitutional monarchy, said that Prince Harry and Markle’s complaints aren’t surprising because the things that are being used against them were also experienced by Prince William and Kate Middleton years ago.

However, it cannot be denied that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on a different trajectory compared to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And as such, they have not faced the same level of backlash from the public.

Royal fan Natalia Roszkowska asked Hawkes if he thinks that Markle will receive the same treatment from the media if she married Prince William and not Prince Harry.

“Yes. All the above would supply. As would, of course, the elephant in the room in my answer,” he said.

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