Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle will follow Princess Diana's example when it comes to handling royal duties. Pictured: Duchess of Sussex attends The Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration held at Buckingham Palace on May 22, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Dominic Lipinski

Meghan Markle is an official royal and she is expected to take more royal duties this time, alone or with Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex has been active in supporting the Firm even before she tied the knot with Prince Harry. In fact, she accompanied the Duke of Sussex in his visits to Cardiff, Scotland and Wales to name a few. Now that the former "Suits" star is an official royal, one biographer thinks that she won't take on so many duties for a reason similar to Princess Diana's.

"I suspect Meghan will choose fewer than some other members of the Royal Family but be more hands on, as Diana undoubtedly was," royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told Express.

Fitzwilliams confessed that he is looking forward to the patronage that Markel will choose.

"Meghan's feminist credentials have been obvious since her successful protest against a sexist advertisement at the age of 11 and she has emphasised them on the Palace website," Fitzwilliams continued.

"At the Royal Foundation Forum she stressed her support for the MeToo and the Time's Up movements and that she couldn't wait to 'hit the ground running,'" he added. "It will be fascinating to see which patronages she chooses and how many, it is worth remembering that Diana cut her involvement to six in 1996."

In related news, during Prince Harry and Markle's royal wedding many noticed an empty chair beside Prince William. Some royal fans speculate that it was intended for the groom's late mom. However, according to Richard Kay, the explanation about the seat was "more mundane" and had nothing to do with the Princess of Wales.

"Remember that St George's is the Queen's private chapel and this particular seat is one she doesn't find comfortable," Kay wrote. "Nor, under protocol, can anyone sit in front of her. So no one did."

However, some royal fans prefer the theory involving Princess Diana. "Nope... Still going with the Diana story..." one Twitter user wrote.

A number of individuals are convinced that Markle will be the next Princess Diana. "My prediction is that Meghan is going to be our new Diana. A wee touch of Meghan adds a bit of sparkle," said Una Mallon, 47, who joined the crowd in Scotland to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.