Meghan Markle’s acquaintance, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, recently opened up about the criticism that the Duchess of Sussex has been receiving.

During her appearance on “Jeremy Vine on 5,” the singer-songwriter called the attacks on Prince Harry’s wife disgusting and horrible. She also said that there are tons of sinister undertones in some of the negative comments being thrown at the former actress.

“I think it is disgusting the way she is treated; I have to say. Even if I never met the woman, I think it is horrible… I think there are all sorts of sinister undertones there, it makes me feel very uncomfortable a lot the way it is reported actually,” she said.

Vine also chimed in during their conversation. He talked about Markle’s recent appearance at the Tennis US Open. A clip of the Duchess of Sussex mumbling something made headlines, and she was also accused of being a distraction to her good friend, Serena Williams.

According to the host, these are things that the public doesn’t really care about. But when it comes to Markle, every single thing seems to be highlighted.

“We all do things like that, why do we have to see it. We have got to get grips, okay she is an American and some people may not associate her to be what we perceive should be part of the royal family, but we need to embrace change and we need to do it in a dignified way,” he said.

Vine concluded his statement by saying that he agrees with Ellis-Bextor that the public and the press’ treatment towards Prince Harry’s wife has been wrong.

Just last week, “60 Minutes” host Karl Stefanovic slammed the Duchess of Sussex preaching about climate change and for wanting to be considered a private citizen. However, Stefanovic’s statements drew backlash after viewers said that he also wanted to be private citizen two years ago.

The host pleased with the press and the public to leave him alone, and he’s now criticizing Markle for wanting the same thing.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is pictured attending a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House on March 11, 2019, in London, England. Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images