Meghan Markle’s wardrobe is shockingly more expensive than the average house in the U.K.

The Duchess of Sussex is fond of wearing designer clothing. She has been spotted wearing gorgeous outfits with outrageous price tags on different occasions. According to, Markle’s wardrobe costs more than three times as much as the average U.K. house and 400 times as much as the average consumer’s wardrobe.

Since Markle joined the royal family in 2018, the former “Suits” star has been spending a lot on luxurious dresses. Markle’s wardrobe is estimated to cost around $927,000. Meanwhile, the average U.K. house only costs $284,000.

Prince Harry’s wife is no stranger to high-end fashion since she was a former actress. When she transitioned to royal life, her wardrobe also evolved.

Markle’s wedding dress, reception dress and evening dress totaled $536,000, which is a stark contrast to the $1,853 budget that the average brides spend for their wedding dresses.

The report also showed that consumers have as much as $2,225 for their wardrobe per year. Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s wife has 400 times more.

In 2018, Markle reportedly spent around $517,000 for her new clothes. The figure was six times more compared to her sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s wardrobe expenses. The Duchess of Cambridge only spent $87,000, which was 16.8 percent of Markle’s clothing expenses.

Markle’s higher wardrobe expenses could be due to her taking more royal engagements than Middleton that year. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their Commonwealth tour in October and visited Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga. 

During their trip, Markle donned various outfits. She also supports local designers by wearing their creations.

Meanwhile, Middleton was expecting Prince Louis at the time. The Duchess of Cambridge took a six-month maternity leave. In addition, Middleton is fond of recycling clothes.

In related news, Middleton’s fans have identified her worst dress. According to them, Middleton’s worst dress was the gold Erdem gown that she wore at a black tie dinner in Sweden. Middleton’s fans said that the color was okay, but they didn’t like the design.

“I agree!!! This dress is yuk [sic] on so many levels,” one netizen wrote on Twitter.