• Melania Trump encourages Americans to step outside amid the coronavirus pandemic 
  • The FLOTUS wants Americans to enjoy spring amid the outbreak
  • Melania Trump was called lazy, clueless, and irrelevant by critics on Twitter 

Melania Trump was recently lambasted for encouraging Americans to step out and enjoy the first day of spring amid the coronavirus outbreak via her Twitter account.

“If you are able, try to take a few moments to get outside & breathe in some fresh air. Enjoy spring & beautiful nature! We all need to take care of ourselves so that we can try to help take care of others,” she wrote.

Immediately after, the FLOTUS was criticized and called lazy for not doing much to help the country during the global health crisis.

“Lazy, lazy @FLOTUS, how about you doing some volunteer work or making masks for medical professionals?” Twitter user @blackhat_1 said.

“I'm going to be honest with you, these saccharine tweets while the front lines don't have PPE and your husband spends all day sh**posting on twitter is not helping anyone. Please stop,” Twitter user @AndreaR9Md said.

“As nurses, we do not have time to go outside. Please beg your husband to commit to doing something about this #COVID versus tweeting about ratings. People are dying,” Twitter user @Nursesleadwell said.

“It must be nice to have a big beautiful area to walk around. But please everyone steps outside of their tiny little apartments right next to lots of people, and get the virus. Freaking clueless! ” Twitter user @CuteCoffeeWench said.

“Your husband is killing his people with his ineptitude and you're tweeting about butterflies and unicorns,” Twitter user @KerryBirdWhite1 said.

“How is the tennis court coming along, the first escort?” Twitter user @KajEriksen said.

“Some people can't even breathe, madam. Too bad there are no ventilators because someone figured this was just a big Democratic hoax,” Twitter user @LoveMyCymba said.

“Do you even talk to your husband or read his Twitter feed?” Twitter user @jennifer__5 said.

“Clueless and irrelevant. November can’t get here soon enough,” Twitter user @MariBXBKgirl said.