Melania Trump made headlines this past week for her attendance at the NATO summit, her meeting with the royal family and schoolchildren, and for her shocking response to Democrat lawyer Pamela Karlan.

Author Kate Bennett also released her 300-page unauthorized memoir about the FLOTUS called “Free, Melania.” In the book, Bennett revealed details about Melania and Donald Trump’s living and sleeping arrangements, as well as their relationship.

Janet Street-Porter, a journalist for Daily Mail, shared her thoughts on the first lady following an eventful week. Street-Porter said that even though the FLOTUS is popular for being the wife of the president of the United States, she still remains a mystery.

“Is she [expletive]? Cold? Insecure? Is she permanently furious with her husband, who seems to be her polar opposite? Feminist or Trophy Wife? There's never been a First Lady who we know so little about,” she wrote.

The journalist also talked about the FLOTUS’ obsession with privacy, which is quite surprising because of her high-profile role in the White House. Unlike the other first ladies that came before her, Melania has only given eight speeches during her first year on the job.

Street-Porter said that it isn’t surprising that President Trump’s wife has decided to stay quiet. After all, she was lambasted for her disastrous speech at the Republican Convention years ago.

But the president was also slammed for the incident because it showed that he and his team didn’t bother to check the FLOTUS’ speech. The lack of interest from Trump has triggered speculations about the couple’s marriage.

Three years ago, Trump made surprising remarks about groping women. And shortly after, his wife stepped out in public with a big bow. Street-Porter is wondering if this was her way of supporting women.

“According to Bennett, Melania consistently uses clothing to send a message, wearing modest, masculine outfits when she and the President are not getting on. Trump loves short sexy dresses, so she chooses trouser suits when they've had a disagreement,” she said.

Melania Trump, Donald Trump
Melania Trump and Donald Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth II on Friday. Pictured: The Trumps rrive at Stansted Airport on July 12, 2018 in Essex, England. Getty Images/Leon Neal