• Melania Trump and Donald Trump are not affectionate towards each other in public
  • Melania Trump and Donald Trump don't say I love you 
  • Melania Trump changed after she became first lady

Melania Trump and Donald Trump’s relationship and body language changed ever since they moved to the White House.

“Free, Melania” author Kate Bennett revealed that the FLOTUS and the POTUS don’t say I love you to each other due to the heartbreaking realities of life in the public eye.

While speaking with The Washingtonian, Bennett said that a lot of people have asked her why she thinks Melania is able to stay married to Trump. The couple just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary this week.

“And I want to be like, well, the time to leave was maybe when he joked about you getting run over by a truck but if your boobs were okay, he would stay with you. But here we are almost 20 years later. Being First Lady sucks in so many ways that I almost appreciate the way she’s been like, I’m not going to hold his hand,” she said.

Meanwhile, body language expert Patti Wood previously discussed the changes in Melania and Trump’s relationship since they became the first lady and the president of the United States.

The pose has become too common for the first lady that it was dubbed as “the Melania.” However, Wood said that this wasn’t always the case.

“This has changed. Her relationship with him has changed, so she feels the need to be formally on guard. There’s so much tension around her mouth,” she said.

Wood also said that Melania and Trump used to always hold hands. But unlike most couples, they rarely smile or look happy while holding each other. In fact, the POTUS and the FLOTUS don’t even look in the same direction while they are walking.