• Melania Trump is accused of bullying kids
  • Melania Trump said she's the most bullied person
  • President Donald Trump bullied Greta Thunberg

Melania Trump was lambasted after saying that she is the most bullied person in the world.

The first lady of the United States once said that she was the “most bullied person in the world.” Due to the personal attacks she received, she decided to start the Be Best campaign which aims to educate children about social and emotional behavior.

However, some netizens disagreed with the FLOTUS’ statement. One said that it’s unlikely that Melania is the most bullied person because she is actually “well kept and pampered.”

@FLOTUS is well kept and pampered. She’s spoiled and protected. Does she realize she projects as being hateful and selfish. She also bullies kids in cages because she doesn’t care!” one wrote on Twitter.

“She thinks she’s the most bullied person in the world? She lives in luxury & there are millions of people who wonder how they are going to buy food & pay their rent. Kids in cages at our borders. People who are homeless. Need I go on? Give me an effen break!” another user added.

One netizen called Melania “delusional” just like the rest of the members of the Trump family. Another sarcastically commented that it was “the privilege and ignorance [of] the wealthy.”

Meanwhile, one said that Melania’s statement was “not entirely inaccurate.” The netizen was referring to the daily verbal assault that Melania has to allegedly put up with Ivanka, Jared and Donald Jr.’s entitlement. The same user said that she has the chance to divorce the POTUS.

Another user said that Melania subjected herself to it by marrying the “biggest bully in the world.” The same user added that the FLOTUS could change her situation.

In related news, Melania was bashed when she didn’t defend Greta Thunberg from her husband’s attack. President Donald Trump criticized the 16-year-old activist after she was named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” The criticisms intensified when Michelle Obama left words of encouragement for Thunberg because the people were expecting the FLOTUS to speak for Thunberg as part of her Be Best campaign.