• Melania Trump lied about her age at the beginning of her relationship with Donald Trump
  • The POTUS wanted everyone to think that he was dating a much younger woman 
  • Melania Trump will turn 50 years old this year

Donald Trump and Melania Trump’s relationship started off with a huge lie.

Very early on, the POTUS urged his wife to lie about her real age because he didn’t want the public to think that he was interested in dating older women.

In the book “Free, Melania,” author Kate Bennett confirmed that when the FLOTUS appeared on the famous British GQ spread, she was not 26 years old. In fact, the first lady was just four months away from turning 30.

At one point, the FLOTUS also posed inside a fake Oval Office in her red two-piece swimsuit for Talk Magazine. The photo caption claimed that Melania was 26 years old, but this wasn’t really the case.

“She’s 26, a model, and lives in a one-bedroom apartment. For now, at any rate. Donald Trump’s girlfriend Melania Knauss is getting ready for the White House,” the caption read.

Bennett said that the FLOTUS was almost 30 years old when she posed inside the fake Oval Office.

A simple math computation could also confirm Bennett’s statement. Melania was born in 1970 in Slovenia, which means that she will be turning 50 years old this year. Twenty years ago, in 2000, she was 29 years old.

Meanwhile, the POTUS and his wife also made headlines this week after they attended the College Football Playoff National Championship in New Orleans. The Trumps appeared to have a united front at the football match.

However, the FLOTUS was mocked on social media after the heels of her boots got caught on the lawn. Her attire was also likened to a garbage bag.

“She’s always so inappropriate. @FLOTUS is nothing more than an opportunistic ‘escort’ (aging to boot) who got herself knocked up by a rich (supposedly) old, fat slob. She’s nothing more than trailer trash. Her sense of style is borne out of her worthless life,” Twitter user @gryphonmom said.

“I used to have a coat like that. When I got home, my son said, ‘why are you wearing a garbage bag?’ I returned the coat… This is a fashion fail!” Twitter user @DeeRose91418581 said.