• Melania Trump previously claimed that she speaks six languages fluently 
  • The FLOTUS may have been lying about the languages that she can speak fluently
  • Melania Trump's ability to speak French, Italian, and German has been questioned 

Melania Trump previously claimed that she can speak six languages fluently including Slovenian and English.

But some critics have claimed that the FLOTUS may have been lying. After all, there is no proof that she could speak six different languages fluently in the same way that there’s no proof that she has a college degree.

Political Flare recently combined a series of videos that may debunk the first lady’s claim about her fluency in Italian, French and more.

Three years ago, Melania joined her husband, President Donald Trump, at the Vatican to meet Pope Francis. While shaking each other’s hands, the Pope said something to the FLOTUS.

It was evident that Melania looked at the translator in an attempt to understand what Pope Francis was trying to tell her. After the statement was translated, the first lady responded to the Pope.

When Melania visited a children’s hospital in Rome, it was reported that she spoke Italian with the sick youngsters. However, the publication said that she merely said “ciao.”

In France, reporters also claimed that they heard Melania speaking in French. However, she simply introduced herself in the language using a few French words.

And just last August, the FLOTUS was spotted wearing translation headphones while listening to the speech of French President Emanuel Macron. If Melania is fluent in the language, there’s no need for her to wear the headphones.

Meanwhile, America blog editor John Aravosis also said that it is unlikely that Melania can speak six languages fluently. The editor, who speaks a slew of languages, questioned why the first lady didn’t show off her alleged skills while she was traveling abroad.

Netizens are also convinced that the first lady is lying about her ability to speak six languages.

“And she doesn’t speak six foreign languages. The French and the Italians laughed at her usage of French and Italian when she was visiting,” Twitter user @mindscienceca said.

“Did you show the Prince Minister’s wife your fake college diploma or did you impress her with the phony six languages you speak? Maybe she wanted to hear Michelle Obama’s speech again? #fakeflotus,” Twitter user @fritzinmo said.