Melania Trump reacted to Pamela Karlan’s statement mentioning the name of her son, Barron.

Karlan mentioned the name of Melania and Donald Trump’s son in a statement which prompted the first lady to react. Melania took to Twitter and wrote that a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. She also mentioned Karlan’s name and wrote, “You should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering, and using a child to do it.”

However many Twitter users felt that Melania overreacted because for them, Kaplan’s statement wasn’t meant to be an attack to the FLOTUS’ son.

“Nobody ‘went after’ a kid here-- it was nothing more than a creative play on words, and was so, so TRUE. These hearings show how DESPERADO the GOP is for any angle they can drum up. This president cannot be impeached soon enough. He is a danger to our country and the world,” one netizen wrote.

“No one went after Baron [sic]. She used his name in a hypothetical situation to illustrate Trumps powers,” another social media user commented.

“She didn’t go after Barron. Stop it!!” Andrea Roberts wrote.

Although some felt that Melania’s words against Karlan was unnecessary because her son wasn’t attacked in the first place, many also understood the first lady. Christopher C.Cuomo is among those who supported the FLOTUS’ move.

“I agree with you one hundred percent dear first lady. Dont worry we stand by you and your family,” Kristian Goodwin wrote.

Melania prioritizes parenthood over politics. When Donald was still campaigning, she opted to stay at home to be with their son. According to Melania, Barron needed a parent at the time, and his father was away, so she chose to be with him.

Melania Trump
Dolce & Gabbana launches a boycott t-shirt to mock Melania Trump haters: First family arrives at the White House in Washington on June 11, 2017. Getty Images/ Chris Kleponis-Pool