• Melania Trump, reportedly, uses fashion to express her thoughts
  • The FLOTUS does not always agree with President Donald Trump
  • Melania Trump works and thinks independently most of the time

Melania Trump is married to President Donald Trump. Though they have been united legally for almost two decades now, it does not necessarily mean that the FLOTUS just agrees to whatever her better half says or does. In fact, a journalist revealed that Melania is not afraid of speaking her own thoughts even if it clashes with the POTUS’s ideas.

During an interview, CNN reporter Kate Bennett shared that Melania uses fashion to express what she really feels inside. She said, while President Donald wants to see his wife sporting more feminine outfits, the FLOTUS is would prefer pantsuits than dresses. The writer claimed Melania is “resistance signaling” with her clothes.

"You know, when she wore that white pantsuit, for example, to the State of the Union in the thick of the Stormy Daniels headlines. Sort of in the deepest parts of that moment in her life she wore this white pantsuit and it sort of heralded suffragette -- or was it maybe Hillary Clinton who liked pantsuits and why was it white, and what did it mean? Was it resistance signaling,” Kate said during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” show. “Now, if you asked Melania Trump, she'd just say oh, I wore a white pantsuit," she continued.

Kate Bennett even claimed she believes there are no coincidences for Melania. The “Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography” book author said the FLOTUS did not just grab the controversial “I really don’t care, do u” jacket. Though previous reports claimed that it is a message for President Donald Trump, Kate said it was intended for Ivanka.

At the time, Melania Trump and the first daughter have been trying to convince the POTUS to sign executive order to end the zero-tolerance policy. The FLOTUS, allegedly, wants to end it so badly. She even made a trip to one of the immigrant detention center that houses children separated from their family.

“If you were to ask her, ‘Did you wear that white pantsuit at the State of the Union as a symbol?’ she would say, ‘No, I just wore the white pantsuit,’” Kate Bennett told Washingtonian in an interview. “But there’s no question that everything she does, especially nonverbally, is a thoughtful decision. Which was why the jacket was so strange,” she went on.

Melania Trump has yet to comment on Kate Bennett’s revelations. However, as per People, the White House was quick to criticize the “Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography” book and stated that the book cited a lot of anonymous sources who do not know the FLOTUS personally.