President Donald Trump is likely slated to meet with China's President Xi Jinping during his first official visit to Asia in November. A reunion between Trump and Xi could also mean a meeting between U.S. First Lady Melania Trump and Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan. The two first ladies, who previously met at Mar-a-Lago in April, have taken on differing roles leading up to and under their husbands' presidencies.

"The relationship between any president and his spouse has had major political impact," Kati Morton, author of "Hidden Power: Presidential Marriages That Shaped Our Recent History," said at a press conference in October of 2001. "How the couple in the White House relates affects the presidency...nor can we have an understanding of any given president without understanding this core relationship, without exploring the quality of its union."

Like Melania, Peng is not an average first lady. While Americans expect the first lady to become a public figure, that hasn't generally been the case in China. Here's how Peng and Melania stack up in different categories:

Fame Before First Lady Status

Melania had first gained notoriety as a model through a variety of high profile ad campaigns and photoshoots with well-known publications, including a nude spread with British GQ in January 2000. The cover shoot with British GQ is listed as one of her proudest achievements on the White House's website.

Peng's claim to fame stemmed from her career as a folk singer. After being enlisted in the People's Liberation Army, her singing abilities were discovered. Peng performed patriotic songs for troops for the majority of her service.

Fashion Taste

Melania has had some standout moments for her clothing choices. However, she's often been subjected to public scrutiny for wearing clothes that aren't appropriate for political settings, including her visit with Hurricane Harvey victims in August.

"Melania Trump is the kind of woman who travels to a flood-ravaged state in a pair of black snakeskin stilettos," a reporter for the Washington Post wrote Aug. 29. "Heels this high are not practical. But Trump is not the kind of woman who has to be practical."

Peng is known to dress more conservatively, but it has made her a Chinese style icon. Her wardrobe staples often include skirts or dresses that boast a hemline below the knee and waist-length tailored jackets.

Causes Under First Lady Role

Melania has prioritized children's issues throughout her stint as a first lady. Her efforts have included donating books to select schools nationwide, visiting hospitalized children and speaking out about cyberbullying.

Peng's causes include the arts and education, particularly for women and children. She sang the theme song featured in a short film about HIV/AIDS and discrimination in 2014, which was a part of her ambassador role with the World Health Organization.

Relationships With Husbands

Melania moved into the White House full-time in June, months after her husband moved in. She has been married to her husband for 12 years. Peng has been married to Xi for 30 years. She has become the "most visible" first lady in China following former Chinese President Mao Zedong's wife, according to the South China Morning Post.