• Donald Trump and Melania Trump's marriage was mocked by Jimmy Kimmel
  • Donald Trump and Melania Trump's reportedly invented social distancing 
  • Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels' affair was mocked by Jimmy Kimmel 

Melania Trump and Donald Trump’s distant relationship with each other and the POTUS’s former fling with porn star Stormy Daniels made headlines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This week, Jimmy Kimmel gave the first couple a shoutout in his quarantine monologues. After learning that the FLOTUS tested negative for coronavirus, the talk show host said that he wasn’t surprised to hear the results of the first lady’s test.

“Of course, she has. She’s been six feet away from her husband since Stormy Daniels. Their marriage was the inventor of social distancing,” Kimmel said.

Throughout the past couple of years, rumors have swirled that Donald and Melania are not in love because they are not affectionate towards each other.

There have been multiple occasions wherein the POTUS forgot to wait for his wife while they are walking on the tarmac. On several occasions, the president also forgot to share his umbrella with the FLOTUS while they are standing or walking under the rain.

On Twitter, several hashtags about the first couple’s marriage have also been created. #SaveMelania is perhaps one of the most popular hashtags because it is the public’s plea for the FLOTUS to be saved from the hands of her husband.

But despite these rumors, an Australian official saw something different when he attended the state dinner with Donald and Melania.

“It’s a real marriage, very affectionate,” he said.

Meanwhile, the POTUS was linked to porn star Daniels year ago. Even though their affair was never confirmed by the president, Daniels has exposed dirt on the dad of five. During her previous interview on “60 Minutes,” Daniels revealed that she was urged to stop talking about her affair with Trump.

In 2011, an unnamed man approached the former porn star at a Las Vegas car park after In Touch Weekly published her interview about the POTUS. At that time, Daniels was told to leave the president alone.