• Melania Trump doesn't think of the "why" behind her fashion choices
  • The First Lady told Stephanie Winston Wolkoff that her pink dress wasn't a nod to gay pride
  • The FLOTUS just laughed off the press' attempts to decipher the meaning of her wardrobe

Melania Trump just dresses the way she wants without thinking or putting any meaning to her fashion choices.

Vanity Fair's Kenzie Bryant wrote an article about the First Lady's outfit saying, "Her clothes don’t mean anything." She added that while Melania can afford any outfit, she goes for what she looks good in and what she thinks is appropriate for the occasion.

Bryant recalled her previous conversation with "Me and Melania" author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who revealed that Melania doesn't put too much thought about the meaning of her wardrobe. 

"Melania doesn’t think about the ‘why’ of her fashion choices and what she is wearing," Winston Wolkoff told her. "She laughs off the press’s attempts to decipher meaning from her clothing."

Winston Wolkoff also shared a dialgue she had with Melania in which the latter laughed off an incident involving a reporter who suggested that she was wearing a pink ensemble on one outing as a nod to gay pride.

"They saying, ‘She was wearing that dress because she didn’t say anything about gay parade on Sunday but she wore Monday to give the nod for the gay people,’" Winston Wolkoff said.

"Are you kidding? It never even crossed my mind," the FLOTUS told her.

Melania's powder blue Ralph Lauren dress during President Donald Trump's inauguration is often compared to former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, but Melania downplayed the comparison.

"We are such a different type of women,” Melania said. 

“If you really think about it, right? She was, like, skinny, short, tiny. I’m not that way.”

Melania was asked two decades ago if she could picture herself as the first lady when she spoke with ABC News correspondent Don Dahler for a North Shore Animal League America campaign. She gave a positive response because she is confident in her husband's leadership skills. Melania said she would support and stand by Trump and even dropped the names of the former first ladies that she wanted to emulate.

"I would be very traditional, like Jackie Kennedy and Betty Ford," Melania said.

Trump is aiming to be re-elected as the U.S. president and Melania was supposed to join him at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. However, Melania decided to cancel her attendance due to a lingering cough.

Both the POTUS and FLOTUS tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month. They have already recovered and have already tested negative.