Melania Trump was open to being first lady of the United States when she was asked about it two decades ago.

Years before Melania became the FLOTUS, she spoke with ABC News correspondent Don Dahler for a North Shore Animal League America campaign. At the time, she and Donald Trump had met the year before during a party at New York Fashion Week.

Melania was asked if she could picture herself as the first lady. She gave a positive response saying, “Yes.” She also added that if the time would come, she would “support” and “stand by“ Donald’s side and would emulate the first ladies of America’s past.

“I would be very traditional, like Jackie Kennedy and Betty Ford,” Melania said.

She added that she would like to work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for her charitable cause. As for Donald being the president, Melania believed that her then-boyfriend would make a “great president” and she was convinced that Donald would eventually run for the highest position in the country.

“He’s very smart. He knows how to do a business. He would be a great leader,” Melania said of Donald.

In the same interview, Melania was asked if she felt insulted if she would be considered Donald’s “pretty possession” as the POTUS was heard saying, “Where’s my supermodel?” The model just laughed and said that it was Donald’s sense of humor, but he’s actually “very kind.”

Melania was also asked at the time if she would say “yes” if Trump would propose to her and she declined to give a concrete answer during the interview.

“Media can be very tricky sometimes. You need to be very careful. I like to have my private life, too. Yes, but I’m always open. I’m not shy of the media. I’m not shy about the camera. That’s my business. That’s my modeling career. But it sometimes could be very tricky and unpleasant, unfair,” Melania said.

Melania and Trump have been married for 14 years already. Speaking about their marriage, she said that they have a “great relationship.” She is very confident with their arrangement that the first lady doesn’t mind not being with her husband all the time.

Donald and Melania have a son named Barron. As a mother, Melania prioritizes her family over politics.

Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, are pictured at Central Park's Wollman Rink in April 2011
Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, are pictured at Central Park's Wollman Rink in April 2011 GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Andy Kropa