• Netizens defend Barron Trump from paternity rumors
  • Barron Trump's height sparked rumors that he is not Donald Trump's son
  • Barron Trump's height sparked speculations about his future career

Melania Trump’s son Barron received support from Twitter users amid the paternity rumors plaguing him.

Last weekend, the first family was spotted arriving in Florida. President Donald Trump walked beside his wife Melania and son Barron. Many noticed that the 13-year-old boy was already taller than his father and his towering height sparked paternity speculations that his real father is not the POTUS. One claimed that Melania’s son is the child of a Russian NBA player.

Twitter users immediately reacted and many defended Barron. Several said that Melania’s son should be left alone because he is a minor and he doesn’t deserve the same criticism like his parents because he didn’t ask for it.

“Come on people. Leave the kid alone.  Aren’t we better than they are?” one commented.

“FFS,i Can’t stand trump or his wife but leave the poor lad alone,” a different user opined.

“There’s plenty to criticize this ridiculous couple for, but this is seriously reaching and quite frankly wrong. Leave Barron alone. He truly seems to be on the spectrum and even if tRump isn’t his dad it’s no one’s business,” @JanetSm90210 added.

“Speculating about that child’s parentage is off limits for me. He’s an unwilling participant in this, therefore an innocent. His mother and siblings are not. This kid has a hard enough life, don’t you think?” another social media user commented.

Another user also wrote that Barron’s height is not enough reason to question his real father. The user said that her son is also taller than her husband and her child is definitely her husband’s kid.

Barron’s towering height also triggered speculations about his future career. Many believed that he would make a great basketball player. 

One even said that the POTUS’ youngest son will be the “greatest dunker” in the NBA. Another said that Barron is a “star basketball player in the works.”

Barron Trump Barron Trump joins his father President Donald Trump as he makes remarks before pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey with National Turkey Federation Chairman Carl Wittenburg and his family in the Rose Garden at the White House Nov. 21, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Photo: Getty Images