Allen and Patricia Prue
A neighbor of Melissa Jenkins claims that Allen Prue contacted her daughter on Facebook last November. Vermont State Police

Melissa Jenkins, the Vermont science teacher murdered earlier this week by husband and wife, Allen and Patricia Prue, might not have been the first target for the killers. Jenkins neighbor, Ann Champney, is claiming that Allen Prue,30, began pursuing her teen daughter on Facebook in November.

As new details emerge on the strangling of Jenkins, one of the most disturbing is that Prue had previously pursued the single mother.

This is how it started, said Champney said. He wrote to her, 'Hey how are you doing?' And she wrote, 'Do I know you? Champney claims that last November Prue had begun pestering her teenage daughter to hang out, reported WCAX.

Champney continued that Prue kept sending her daughter Facebook messages. Hey, we don't know each other but my name is Allen. How are you doing? Her daughter replied, Don't write me again. I don't know you and I don't care to. You wrote me before. Just stop.

The messages were never reported to the police, but Champney is horrified at what might have happened.

Allen Prue and his wife pleaded not guilty on Wednesday morning for the murder of Melissa Jenkins.

Jenkins went missing Sunday evening. Her car was found running with her two-year-old son still inside. The teachers body was discovered on Monday.

Allen Prue reportedly told Police that he and his wife had lured Jenkins out that night because he wanted to get a girl.