After several Internet memes stemming from Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, which include Paul Ryan workout photos, politicized Big Bird images and Romney’s own “binder full of women” comment, Romney’s son Josh has become the latest target in the meme Menacing Josh Romney.

During the second presidential debate on Tuesday from Hofstra University in New York, Mitt Romney’s third son, Josh, can be seen in the background with a stoic expression on his face that could be described as villainous. The still image was taken at an inopportune time for the Republican presidential hopeful’s son, but has resulted in hilarious image macros.

Josh Romney’s intimidating demeanor was first pointed out on Twitter by @Ryanhatesthis, who tweeted “Josh Romney at tonight's debate,” with a picture the former governor’s son attached. The post was retweeted five times, but once was by the popular Buzzfeed site.

This meme brings to mind a quote from a segment from this season of "Saturday Night Live."

"Sasha, Malia go to bed," says Jay Pharoah's Barack Obama character at the begining of the first presidential debate parody. "I do that to remind the American people that I have two adorable daughters, and not five creepy, adult sons."