Credit: Topnews

According to Don Pegler, state member for Mount Gambier, the loss of two psychologists in the city reveals a limited focus on mental health in South Australia.

South Australian Country Health states the psychologists were never employed by the department, but Mr Pegler says the health system is not equipped to handle the overflow.

Mr Pegler says the state's health system has a 'gross void'.

He said, If you look at western Victoria, they have six full-time resident psychiatrists, whereas we have none.

The state depends on the mental health aid from Adelaide, he says and that mental health services all across regional South Australia have been lacking for quite a while.

The South Australian Country Health however, says there are 12 mental health workers who continue to keep a mental watch across the south-east from Mount Gambier.

Derrick Wright, state director of mental health says additional resources are underway for South Australia, but the new acute mental health services planned for May 2009 have yet to be concluded.

The situation, according to Mr Wright is not perfect and the department is currently working to increase support for the south-east.

John Hill, Health Minister of South Australia was not available for comments.