Astrologers have determined the do's and don'ts of dating when Mercury is in retrograde.

Mercury retrograde is a pretty cool time, when the first planet in the solar system moves so slowly that it appears to be going backward. This has led some astrologers to believe the phenomenon also affects people’s lives, which might also go haywire during this period. So what does that mean for everyone’s love life? Here are some relationship do's and don'ts when Mercury is in retrograde, courtesy of and

The Don’ts

1. It’s not a good time to get married. When Mercury is in retrograde, it means promises can be easily broken.

2. It’s not a good idea to chase after a crush. Mercury retrograde can result in “skewed vision,” so when the first planet goes back to its normal rotation, opinions might change.

3. Don’t go on a first date. Communication is difficult when Mercury is in retrograde. For example, someone might make a joke and it could be taken as an insult.

The Do's

1. Be more tolerant with the ones you love. Misunderstandings are at an all-time high when Mercury is in retrograde.

2. Make amends with people you’ve fought with. When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s also a time of reflection, and people might be able to see things through a new set of eyes.

3. Reminisce. It’s a good time to look back and remember the people you love and the great times you had together. For lost loves, it could be a good time to get back together.

Not everyone agrees that Mercury retrograde has control over people’s lives. "Mercury in retrograde has became the default explanation of what’s wrong with our world," wrote an astrology debunker. "Don’t start a new job. Don’t close a deal. Avoid traveling. Don’t buy anything. Interestingly, Mercury’s retrograde is an illusion. This optical trick is a perfect metaphor for what astrology does to our brains: It gives order to a seemingly random universe. That doesn’t meant it’s real, however."

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