This long-exposure photograph taken on April 23, 2015 on Earth Day shows Lyrids meteors shower passing near the Milky Way. Getty Images

Get ready: The second Mercury retrograde cycle of the year is coming Sunday.

For the next three weeks, the planet Mercury will be in retrograde, meaning it will appear to move backward in an opposite direction from Earth. And though astronomy experts reject the notion that the planetary movement has any impact — "The idea that the gravity from these very distant bodies affects our lives in some way just doesn't work in the framework of physics," as University of California Los Angeles professor Jean-Luc Margot told CBS News last year — astrologers see deep meaning in the space event.

"When a planet retrogrades, astrologically it is in a resting or sleeping state. Therefore, while Mercury naps, the activities that it governs don’t have the benefit of a well-functioning, wide-awake planet to supervise them," Susan Miller wrote for Astrology Zone. "Expect a certain degree of pandemonium to ensue!"

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Because Mercury was a messenger, the retrograde movements could cause you to have problems with communications, decision-making and travel, according to AstrologyKing. You should make sure to double-check your messages before you send them, postpone major choices and avoid big purchases.

Instead, Mercury retrograde "is the time to rethink, redo, redefine, reorganize, reassess, reorient and/or replan without taking action on the 'new plan,'" Elle Alexa Simon, who runs Energy Influences, wrote at

It will last until May 3.

Here are 10 other tips for surviving Mercury retrograde, collected from the above sources as well as Larry Schwimmer, the Mother Nature Network and Forever Conscious:

1. Take some time to reflect.

2. Don't sign any big contracts or leases.

3. Be extra careful while driving.

4. Hold off on scheduling meetings.

5. Don't buy any new technology.

6. Postpone projects if possible.

7. Try to stay calm.

8. Pay close attention to detail.

9. Don't break up — or make up — with anyone.

10. Skip major medical procedures unless they're necessary.

The next Mercury retrograde periods will take place Aug. 12 through Sept. 5 and Dec. 3 through Dec. 22.