Michael Bublé's "compliment" to an unsuspecting woman whose photo he posted offended many. Reuters

Affable crooner Michael Bublé went off-brand on Tuesday when he posted a selfie on Instagram his wife took that included the backside of a young woman in shorts who was unwittingly photographed and called out by the singer, who wrote, "There was something about this photo lu took, that seemed worthy of instagram." Bublé hashtagged the post #myhumps, #hungryshorts, #onlyinmiami, #picoftheday #babygotback and #beautifulbum.

Reaction from fans in Instagram comments and on Twitter ran the gamut from defense to critique, with some defending Bublé for "complimenting" the woman and calling out the unsuspecting woman in short-shorts as "asking for it," to branding Bublé as sexist and accusing him of "body-shaming" and even participating in "rape culture." One person also wrote that it was significant the photo was of a "WoC" (woman of color).

An exchange between Instagram user @Furbybae and @Miisschaotiic was representative:

"I so don't understand the why the uproar!" wrote @Miisschaotic. "He was complimenting her butt, who cares?! She has a nice one and it wasn't as if his wife was intentionally taking a picture of the girl...and how is he 'body shaming'?" She added later, in response to a commenter, "[I]f people would take responsibility for they way they dress, maybe just maybe things like this wouldn't happen."

Instagram user @Furbybae responded, "Reading the comments of women saying it's a compliment to have photos of this taken them with no consent makes me want to vomit," adding, "Of course 95% of the men here think this is okay because the chances of a photo like this taken of them without their consent is slim to none. if it doesn't affect or bother their gender it doesn't matter basically. JUST REMEMBER."

Bublé, a singer the New York Times has described as a "likably hale young heir to Frank Sinatra — your daughter’s boyfriend singing your father’s tunes," has yet to respond to the social media uproar.

UPDATE: Michael Bublé issued an apology, via Us Weekly: "I do not court controversy, but I realize that a photo that was meant to be complimentary and lighthearted has turned into a questionable issue. It hurts me deeply that anyone would think that I would disrespect women or be insulting to any human being...I regret that there are people out there who found the photo offensive. That was not and is not my intention. Women are to be celebrated, loved, respected, honored and revered. I've spent my life believing that and will continue to do so."