Conrad Murray next to his attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, after his guilty verdict on  November 7, 2011.
Former doctor Conrad Murray in court, after being found guilty for involuntary manslaughter. Reuters

Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's former doctor found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, will learn his fate today as he faces a possible four year prison sentence.

Michael Jackson's estate should get $100 million from Conrad Murray, the California District Attorney said Tuesday morning. The King of Pop's former doctor, found guilty earlier this month of involuntary manslaughter, faces up to a four year prison sentence, according to the LA Times.

Murray will recieve his sentence sometime Tuesday.

Murray, a former cardiologist, was convicted of the charge because of drugs he gave the pop star while he was under his care. Murray did not take the stand in his own defense.

Jackson's mother Katherine said she hoped Murray got maximum, though she acknowledged that he didn't act with malice towards her son.

I don't believe that he intended for Michael to die, she said, according to the Chicago Tribune. He was just taking a chance.'

The prosecutors believe the $100 million dollar payment is fair to make up for the costs of Jackson's lavish funeral and to offset the lost revenue from what was going to be Jackson's comeback tour, the Times reported. Murray's attorneys, meanwhile, think their client should get the lightest sentence possible: probation.

The defense filed a memo, according to the Tribune, noting that Murray's time spent as a doctor helping the underprivileged should factor in to his punishment.

It seems reasonable that the transgression for which he is to be judged should be viewed within the context of the larger life of which it is a part, the memo said.

The Murray trial was perhaps the capstone in the massive media storm that has swirled around Jackson and his family since his death. His funeral was shown on live television from the Staples Center basketball arena in Los Angeles. Almost immediately, speculation had just how the enigmatic entertainer had died began to pop up, culminating in Murray's conviction Nov. 7.

The sentencing is expected to happen today. Check back to for updates.