Blake Lively, the beauty mogul, fashionista, actor, and wife of Ryan Reynolds has been influencing fashion since she was a teen. And it seems she hasn’t gone unnoticed by designer Michael Kors.

Lively first rose to fame starring in the iconic teen drama “Gossip Girl” where she played the beautifully mysterious Serena van der Woodsen. The show ran on the CW from 2007 to 2012 and much of what Lively and her co-star, Leighton Meester, wore on the show influenced the style of teenagers at the time.

The 32-year-old is still known for her iconic sense of style today. Lively is often seen wearing patterned suits or bright one-piece rompers with blazers. Sometimes her fashion trends even mesh with the characters she portrays, like in the 2018 thriller “A Simple Favor.”

At Michael Kors’s show for New York Fashion Week in Manhattan on Wednesday, Lively talked about her friendship with Kors, telling E! Online, “I love him so much.”

Kors himself confessed that he’s been a fan of Lively’s since her “Gossip Girl” days, and is partially responsible for her introduction into the fashion industry.

"I saw one episode of ‘Gossip Girl,’ I was a crazed fan, like I was glued," Kors said. "We called her, we were going to a fashion event and she had never been to one. And I said, 'Would you like to come?' And we kind of introduced her to the fashion world.”

Kors went on to explain that what he loves about Lively is her own personal sense of awareness when it comes to style.

"What I love about her also, she enjoys playing with clothes and fashion, she does it herself," Kors said. "And she knows what works for her."

As pictured below, Lively showed up for the event wearing her signature-buttoned vest, long pants, and a tie.

blake lively Blake Lively seen at a Michael Kors Collection show in Manhattan on Feb. 12, 2020 in New York City. Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images