As Michelle Carter prepared to be sentenced for the death of Conrad Roy III Thursday, Roy’s aunt argued she should be given twenty years behind bars. Kim Bozzi said Carter should be “kept far away from society” after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter for urging Roy to take his own life.

“Take away the spotlight that she so desperately craves,” Bozzi said in a prepared statement she planned to read at Carter’s hearing, given exclusively to the Boston Herald Wednesday. “Twenty years may seem extreme, but it is still twenty more than Conrad will ever have.”

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The 20-year-old was convicted of involuntary manslaughter by Judge Lawrence Moniz in June. In a high profile trial, prosecutors presented shocking text messages from Carter to Roy, who was her boyfriend at the time, urging him to take his own life. Roy committed suicide in 2014 by attaching a portable generator to his truck. Prosecutors presented evidence that showed at one point during his suicide, Roy got scared and attempted to get out of his truck before Carter became infuriated and told him to get back inside and finish his suicide.

Her lawyer, Joseph Cataldo, said at the time of her sentencing that there were a “host of different options” for the young woman, ranging from 20 years in jail to probation. Roy's aunt is hoping for the 20-year option.

“I’m unsure when she decided to set her sick plan into motion or why,” Bozzi said in a victim impact statement, also given to the Boston Herald. “But when she did she did it relentlessly. It was calculated and it was planned down to a T. She preyed on his vulnerabilities. He trusted her, which in turn, cost him his life.”

Bozzi planned to urge Moniz to sentence Carter to 20 years behind bars Thursday. Carter’s father, however, said he was prepared to plead for a far more lenient sentence.

“She will forever live with what she has done and I know will be a better person because of it,” David Carter wrote in a July letter to the judge. “I ask of you to invoke leniency in your decision-making process for my loving child Michelle.”

In a letter provided to the Herald, David Carter planned to ask the judge to “take into consideration that Michelle was a troubled, vulnerable teenager in an extremely difficult situation and made a tragic mistake.”

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Roy’s mother, Lynn Roy, said in June that Carter didn’t have a conscience but that beyond that, she did not want to talk about the outcome of the case.

“I don’t wish pain,” Roy told the Daily Mail at the time. “I feel bad for her family too.”

Carter was scheduled to be sentenced sometime Thursday.