A Michigan man is dead after a cannon exploded at a baby shower he was attending, leaving him with fatal injuries.

The blast occurred on Feb. 6 at around 7:30 p.m. in Gaines Township, PennLive reports. At the time, the homeowner launched a cannon-type device to celebrate the baby’s upcoming arrival, resulting in metal shrapnel hitting Evan Thomas Silva from Hartland, Michigan.

The shrapnel also struck the garage, where the baby shower was being held, and three parked cars. Although the 26-year-old man was among four others standing in the area, he was the only one hit by the shrapnel.

Along with state police, the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad, Med Star Ambulance, and the Gaines Township Fire Department were on the scene following the explosion. Silva was transported to Hurley Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

The cannon was purchased by the homeowner at an auction and fired several times prior to the baby shower, NBC 12 reports. The device was designed as a novelty product that creates a loud noise, a big flash, and smoke.

Police suspect gunpowder loaded into the cannon caused a fracture, which allowed the shrapnel to spread.

Following Silva’s death, an investigation has been launched and remains ongoing. Details will be shared with the Genesee County Prosecutor.

This isn’t the first time a baby-themed event turned dangerous. In September, a “smoke-generating pyrotechnic device” used during a gender reveal in Yucaipa, California, caused a massive fire that destroyed 22,744 acres of land over 23 days, KESQ reports.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney's office has been reviewing reports from the investigation and is expected to announce whether charges will be filed against the family involved no later than March 1.

The gender reveal party market complements the baby shower market
The gender reveal party market complements the baby shower market. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Bryan Bedder