A 2-year-old Michigan boy was pronounced dead on Monday (May 11) after the child suffered injuries to his head and chest.

The boy, identified as Kayden Blackmer, and his 10-month-old sister, Rosalee Blackmer, were taken to Allegan General Hospital on Saturday.

According to hospital officials, Kayden was not breathing and was unresponsive when he was brought in. Scan reports revealed that the boy was struck multiple times in the head and chest, which fractured his ribs and collapsed the lung. The doctors stabilized him but his condition was getting worse. He was then airlifted to another hospital in Kalamazoo.

He was put on life support as his pulse was low due to the swelling and bleeding on his brain. His heart eventually stopped beating and was taken off life support Monday.

“He loved to play outside, he loved his sister, his cousins, his grandpa, his grandma,” said his father, David Holmes. “He was full of life. He had just turned 2 eight days ago on the 3rd.”

Because of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Holmes couldn't see his son before his death.

“Over the phone, they wouldn’t let me drive down there to say goodbye to him,” Holmes said.

According to the court documents, Children’s Protective Services opened an investigation into the residence where the children lived with their mother, identified as Khierstin Powers, and her boyfriend, Joshua Martin.

“My daughter, his sister, also has bruising. She had fractured ribs and a skull fracture that were in the process of healing, so it wasn’t like it was all done in the same day,” Holmes said Tuesday.

The investigators from the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office said Kayden’s death raised suspicions and that they were interviewing all persons of interest.

Investigators said that the investigation is ongoing and it is too early to name anyone as a suspect. They said that an official announcement will be made soon.

“I’d like to see justice for him,” Holmes said.

Meanwhile, Rosalee was out of danger and was discharged from the hospital. She was reported to be recovering.

In a gesture of remembering Kayden, the family released balloons on Tuesday.

Representative image. Pixabay