A rottweiler is pictured in this undated photo. Getty Images/Joanna Cepuchowicz / EyeEm

The Michigan dog who was intentionally maimed earlier this week has been recovering from its wounds, the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) said on its Facebook page Thursday.

Baron, the brown and tan Rottweiler that had its nose and ears cut off in addition to a lacerated tail and back legs, is said to be doing “remarkably well,” according to a Facebook live video. The dog was on “antibiotics to prevent infection, and he is on pain medication to be comfortable,” said Dr. Shirene Cece, the Director of Shelter Veterinary Medicine.

“We’re certainly going to look forward to as he heals trying to see whether there’s any kind of reconstruction that we need to have done on his nose because that’s the area that’s most concerned for us,” she added.

MHS said a “concerned citizen” called about a dog on Detroit’s southwest side with its nose and ears cut off and “could discern its severe wounds” Tuesday.

MHS field services were still looking for those responsible for intentionally injuring Baron. They are “canvassing the area, putting up flyers, letting people now that we need information on who did this,” said Mark Ramos, a Cruelty Investigation Department Supervisor. MHS has received an “overwhelming amount of tips” which they were looking into, Ramos added.

MHS was previously offering a $2,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of whoever hurt the dog, but now the reward has gone up to $11,200.

MHS field services are still looking for those responsible for purposely injuring Baron. The Michigan Humane Society

“It is critical to our ability to find justice for Baron,” MHS CEO Matt Pepper said before adding that MHS has an “incredible staff of veterinarians.”

Baron’s prognosis is “great,” said Pepper. “He’s going to find an incredible home after his long road recovery,” he said.

MHS told the International Business Times that it was not sure when would the adoption would occur. “He's currently under the care of our shelter medicine team while we work on a further course of action,” MHS said.

However, the organization reassured that Baron was doing “very well” given his situation, and stated that the reason it may appear as if Baron was not vocal about his injuries was because he has been put on antibiotics and pain medication.

Still, MHS said they couldn't fathom how well Baron is taking his current situation.

“Everyone who has met him is shocked by how nice he is given what he's been through. He truly is a very sweet and kind dog,” MHS said.