• Christopher McKinney was arrested on charges of assault with intent to murder
  • The charges are expected to be raised after his stepdad succumbed to injuries
  • McKinney assaulted the officials during the arrest

A 29-year-old Detroit man has been arrested for stabbing his mother and stepdad when they asked him to turn off the video game while in their bedroom.

The 71-year-old stepdad succumbed to injuries four days after the attack that happened on Dec. 11.

Christopher McKinney of Madison Heights was arrested the same day on charges of assault with intent to murder and obstructing and resisting a police officer, according to Oakland County Jail records. The charges are expected to be raised to murder since the death of his stepdad, reported FOX News.

McKinney allegedly stabbed his 66-year old mother and his stepdad in an altercation that began when they asked him to stop playing a video game in their room so they could go to sleep.

"He punched (his) mom in her face breaking her nose. (He) punched (his) stepdad several times, (so his) stepdad went and retrieved a knife from the kitchen to defend himself and his wife. (McKinney) somehow got the knife away from him and then stabbed his mother and stepdad," Madison Heights Police Chief Corey Haines said as per local news outlet WDIV-TV.

video game
The parents asked him to stop playing videogame and move out of their room so that they could sleep. pixabay

According to a neighbor, he noticed blood on the apartment door and he saw McKinney standing in the hallway before midnight asking to come in. He reported it to the Madison Heights Police. The detectives responded to the scene and found McKinney covered in a pool of blood lying down in the hallway of the apartment building.

The victims told the police what had happened at the scene. The officials arrested McKinney after a commotion. He resisted the officers who tried to arrest him and spat on an officer. He also assaulted a fire lieutenant who tried to administer him first-aid.

"It's a lot for the officers to take on," Haines said. "Add the pandemic on top of that, you don't want someone else's blood on you as much as they don't want yours on them. Here, it's everywhere," he added.

McKinney is being held in the Oakland County jail on a $510,000 bond.

McKinney was reportedly allowed into the parent's home just three months prior because he was homeless. He also has a history of assault involving his parents. He had been charged in the past, but the case was later dismissed.