• Melissa Osborn, the third woman to accuse him, works as a regulatory affairs specialist at a trade group
  • Osborn claimed that Lucido touched her in an improper manner and passed teasing comments on her appearance
  • Osborn said Lucido’s denial of a previous allegation invigorated her to open up.

A woman accused Michigan State Senator Peter Lucido of sexual harassment Sunday. It is the third allegation against him in two weeks. 

Lucido apologized early January for allegedly making an inappropriate comment with sexual undertones to a young journalist.

Melissa Osborn, a regulatory affairs specialist at a trade group, said that she came face to face with Lucido at the Michigan Credit Union League’s annual government affairs conference in May.  She said Lucido touched “my lower back/upper butt,” after passing a comment on her appearance and clothes while visually scrutinizing her body as she was handing name badges to the legislators, Crain’s Detroit Business reported.

"He was looking at me up and down," Osborn said. "And he stayed there for several minutes, making these comments about my appearance and my look and what he liked about it."

The publication reached out to Lucido for comment but in vain. "I've got no comment for you because I've got no comment," he said. “Is that OK?”

Reporter Allison Donahue’s public damnation of Lucido was succeeded by Democratic Senator Mallory McMorrow’s complaint against him on Jan. 21. Lucido had allegedly harassed McMorrow after she introduced herself to him at a training session post November 2018 election.

Lucido denied the allegations brought against him.