S. Victor Whitmill, a Las Vegas tattoo artist now residing in Missouri, designed Mike Tyson's tribal tattoo that surrounds his left eye and is claiming that The Hangover II is violating his copyrighted art.

A main character in the film, played by actor Ed Helms, has the same tattoo over his eye like Tyson, which has prompted Whitmill to take Warner Brothers Entertainment to Federal Court in St. Louis, for the studio's reckless copyright infringement.

According the the complaint, This case is about Warner Bros. appropriation of Mr. Whitmill's art and Warner Bros. unauthorized use of that art, separate and apart from Mr. Tyson.

The lawsuit could delay the release of what film insiders believe should be a summer comedy blockbuster. Photos of Helms with the tattoo are in billboards and advertisments.

Both Rasheed Wallace and David Beckham have been put in somewhat similar position for their tattoos.