Miley Cyrus recently released her new music video titled “Mother’s Daughter.” The red latex dress she wore in the video is being compared to what Britney Spears wore in her “Oops...I Did It Again” music video.

Cyrus’s new song “Mother’s Daughter” is about freedom and women empowerment. The official music video of the song posted on YouTube shows the singer wearing a red latex bodysuit and a matching headpiece. The singer has some additions to the dress like the metal teeth covering her privates, but the dress is very similar to the one Spears wore nearly a decade ago.

According to Us Weekly, the dress is “more than reminiscent” of the one Spears wore, and it is “nearly identical.” Cyrus also acknowledged the resemblance as she wrote the lyrics of “Oops...I Did It Again” on Twitter and tagged Spears in the post.

Meanwhile, Spears has also been going down memory lane recently. Earlier this year, she shared an Instagram picture of her “ one more time” album cover, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of her first album.

More recently, Spears shared a selfie of herself in a miniskirt, channelling her costume from “ one more time” song. The singer jokingly wrote that she went shopping last week and found a bracelet that she liked, but the picture clearly shows the emphasis is on the dress rather than the bracelet.

Meanwhile, Cyrus continues to engage with her fans on social media. In her recent post on Twitter, the singer asked her followers to share three things that make them feel strong. The singer promised to share the posts of her fans on her page if she liked them.

Cyrus shared the three things that make her feel strong to start the discussion. First on her list is her mom, next is flying because she was able to conquer her fear of flying, and the last one is having weights in her hands strengthening her body.

Miley Cyrus attends the premiere of 'Isn't It Romantic' in Los Angeles on February 11, 2019. Getty Images/JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX