Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus is reportedly in a sex-only relationship with Jared Leto. The two are keeping things casual and low-key, according to Hollywood Life. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto are reportedly indulging themselves in a sex-only relationship, Hollywood Life reported. The stars, who recently sparked dating rumors, are reportedly keeping the affair casual and very low-key.

Cyrus and Leto were recently spotted together in Los Angeles during a meeting at a hotel in West Hollywood, Star Magazine reported. Details about their alleged relationship emerged, with some reports claiming that Miley has been sexting the “Suicide Squad” actor whenever the two are apart.

“They don’t see each other that often but they’re in touch a lot… mostly just by text,” a source told Hollywood Life. “They send each other hot pictures too,” the source said, adding: “Miley loves teasing him with sexy pictures of herself.”

“It’s super casual but he’s more than just a hook-up buddy,” the source went on. “They genuinely care about each other.”

Another source told Star magazine: “They hardly ever go to Miley’s place because it’s too easy for the paparazzi to catch them. And when they spend the night at a hotel, they choose one with underground access. Miley knows it’s because Jared is seeing a lot of other women, but she’s told friends she doesn’t care and is more than happy to keep their arrangement a secret.”

According to reports, Leto does not want things to get serious between them, but that might not be the same with Cyrus.

“Miley thinks the world of Jared, and she really looks up to him. They have more than just a physical connection. They’re on the same page in so many ways. They love talking about politics, art, spirituality, and sexuality -- nothing is off limits. A lot of the time when they get together, they stay up talking until the sun comes up,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Previously, Leto and Cyrus sparked dating rumors in 2014 after the “Wrecking Ball” singer was seen getting cozy with the Oscar-winning actor.