Miley Cyrus has shared a new song teaser from her new album “SHE IS HERE” on Instagram. The song is titled “Slide Away,” which many believe is about her split from husband Liam Hemsworth.

The main theme of the official music video of “Slide Away” is swimming pool and party. A teaser Cyrus shared on her Instagram page shows her standing at the edge of a pool and floating as she sings about going back to the ocean and back to the city lights.

The song is about heartbreak and pain, as two lovers slide away from each other. Cyrus faced this in her personal life, which led to her and Hemsworth deciding to end their relationship. The singer is currently in the middle of a divorce by mutual consent that is expected to be finalized quickly.

Meanwhile, Cyrus appears to have moved on from the split. She was recently spotted in public, holding hands with Kaitlynn Carter, Page Six reported. The two of them wore matching black outfits, and were reportedly spotted kissing at a bar and restaurant in New York City.

An eyewitness told the media outlet that Cyrus and Carter made out against the wall at the restaurant “the entire night.” The two of them were not hiding it, according to the source, as they were kissing in front of all the other patrons there.

Cyrus was reportedly “touchy-feely” with Carter the whole time they were there. The two of them were also seen dancing together with their friends in their section of the booth area of the restaurant.

The two celebrities haven’t yet publicly confirmed their relationship. However, Carter was spotted wearing a ring with the letter “M” on it, US Weekly reported. The ring may be a reference to Cyrus’ name and a testament to their relationship.