Teen star Miley Cyrus used a rap video on Friday to tell a curious world just why she had abruptly deleted her popular Twitter account.

I'm done tryin' to please, I ain't livin' for tabloids, I am living for me, the 16 year-old Disney Channel actress and singer sang in a Goodbye Twitter rap posted on YouTube.

Cyrus, a busy Tweeter with a following of more than one million people, made headlines on Thursday by suddenly putting a stop to her habit.

Fans around the world quickly launched an online campaign -- on Twitter -- to try and get her back.

In one of her last Twitter posts, Cyrus said her current boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth, did not have a Twitter account and wants me to delete mine with good reason.

But in Friday's YouTube rap video, the Hannah Montana actress denied that her friend was the cause and said she was fed up of the media turning her 140-character remarks into news.

The rumors are true, I deleted my Twitter, she sang, saying she had started tweeting about pimples, had stopped living for moments and instead had started living for people.

Everything that I type, Everything that I do, some gossip site makes it news, she added.

In recent months, celebrity news sites have seized on Cyrus's remarks about her weight and her boyfriends and turned them into news stories.

With her Hannah Montana Disney Channel show, a movie and several best-selling albums, Cyrus is currently one of the biggest teen stars in the world.