Stevie J
Cast members of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' VH1

"Love & Hip Hop" star Mimi Faust punched fellow cast member Stevie J outside a Hollywood night club earlier this week.

The VH1 reality show has caused strife between the two, as hip-hop producer Stevie J is not only Faust's fellow cast member, but also the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Eva Giselle. Faust is his longtime on-and-off-again girlfriend.

But while in a relationship with Faust, Stevie J cheated on her numerous times with other women, including cast member Joseline Hernandez, a former stripper and aspiring singer.

Faust hit Stevie J after a reporter asked him, "Who do you think would win, a basketball wife or a rapper wife," to which Stevie J replied, "Mimi and Joseline." Mimi immediately attacked him, causing reporters to gasp and one to say, "Sock him again."

Stevie J then changed his response, saying, "Mimi would win."

Unfortunately for Stevie J, this is not the first time a woman has hit him. On a recent episode of the show, Hernandez punched him while the two were in therapy -- with Faust. Apparently, Joseline had no idea that Stevie J was trying to work on his relationship with his baby's mother, and took offense, causing her to snap.

Since the show began airing earlier this year, the love triangle has continued. Hernandez and Stevie J have been spotted out together holding hands. Hernandez has also been wearing a ring on her wedding ring finger, causing many to speculate that Stevie J proposed to her.

While the pair have not denied the engagement rumors, they have not confirmed them either. Asked why she would go out with a man who obviously is a cheater, Hernandez said in a recent radio interview with New York station Hot 97, "I'm not tripping on Stevie and what he do because I love women too. I'll be right there with him."

Check out the video of Faust hitting Stevie J on TMZ.