mindy project finale surprises
Mindy Kaling posted behind-the-scenes “The Mindy Project” photos. Emily Shur/Hulu

With “The Mindy Project” coming to an end, star Mindy Kaling has been amping up her posting of behind-the-scenes content on social media.

On Monday, the actress shared a look at the final edits of the show’s series finale, which premieres on Hulu on Nov. 14.

“Final mix of #themindyproject, making the series finale sparkle for you guys,” Kaling captioned the post. “Can’t wait for you to see!”

After that, the creator and star teased in the caption that there are “big surprises” in the finale and that fans will laugh and cry. Plus, she added that there are dogs in it, too. Perhaps they are the many dogs of Morgan’s (Ike Barinholtz).

Along with the words giving a little hint about the episode, fans are also given visual glimpses of the series finale, with the two editing room photos she attached.


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In one, there’s a still of the final episode on a screen and it shows Morgan and Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) sitting in an office, with Morgan kissing Tamra’s hand.

In the second photo, Mindy’s standing in the office kitchen in a blue dress, holding a blue mug, while Colette (Fortune Feimster) sits and eats at one of the tables.

A few days earlier, Barinholtz posted an Instagram photo of his last day of working on “The Mindy Project” and teased that though he’s wrapped his character for the show’s series finale, it just might not be the last time fans see him.

“Just finished my final ADR for ‘The Mindy Project’ and I can’t wait for you all to see the finale,” he wrote. “That’s a wrap on Morgan Ransom Tookers! (For now...).”

For now? Is there a possibility that Morgan could be getting his own spinoff series or show up in some meta way in one of Kaling’s upcoming projects?

Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see and hope that “The Mindy Project” series finale isn’t the end of Morgan Tookers.

The series finale of “The Mindy Project” debuts on Hulu on Tuesday, Nov. 14. Fans in the Los Angeles who don’t want to wait can sign up for tickets to attend a screening of the finale on Monday, Nov. 13.