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  • Minka Kelly opened up about her former relationship with Taylor Kitsch in her new memoir "Tell Me Everything"
  • She wrote that their romance alienated her from other "Friday Night Lights" cast members
  • Kelly said when her relationship with Kitsch became toxic, she had "no one to turn to"

Minka Kelly is detailing her former romance with her "Friday Night Lights" co-star Taylor Kitsch and how it affected her relationship with the other cast members in her new memoir.

When the series aired between 2006 and 2011, Kelly was romantically involved on- and off-screen with Kitsch, whose troubled football player Tim Riggins dated her character, cheerleader Lyla Garrity.

In her memoir "Tell Me Everything," Kelly, 42, wrote that she had prioritized her romance with Kitsch over building friendships with their other castmates during her four-season tenure, so she had no one to talk to when their relationship turned "toxic."

"All the effort I might have invested in connecting consistently with the girls on the show went to Taylor," she wrote in the chapter titled "Cancer," the Daily Beast reported. "So when my relationship with Taylor became toxic, I had no one to turn to."

The "Euphoria" actress revealed that she learned a lesson about being open and vulnerable to those around her from her relationship with Kitsch.

"Vulnerability begets connection, as evidenced by the outcome of both our coping mechanisms. My tough-guy approach only left me alone. If you behave as if you need no one, if no one around you knows any better, most certainly, no one will, in fact, be there," Kelly wrote.

She explained that when she and Kitsch broke up, she did her best to remain professional and hide how she felt while on set, so most of their co-stars sympathized with her ex over her. She recalled feeling isolated when they rallied around Kitsch, who was more comfortable "sharing his feelings" than she was.

"I'd show up to work with a smile on my face thinking I was being professional, while everyone else felt sorry for the guy whose heart had just been broken. My co-workers weren't taking me out for drinks after work to mend my broken heart; they were taking him out," Kelly wrote.

The "Roommate" star admitted that she "shacked up" with Kitsch too fast. She claimed to have been warned by series executive producer Peter Berg not to court her co-star after he spotted their chemistry, but she didn't listen.

When they split, the awkwardness can be felt on set. Kelly noted in her book that she and Kitsch were not mature enough to navigate their working relationship after their breakup and ended up separating and reuniting "more times than [she] [could] count."

"Life became very difficult both on and off set whenever we broke up," she shared. "We were young and had very few tools to handle our emotions and personal grievances. On the days we had to work together and were broken up, he didn't want to be in the hair and makeup trailer at the same time I was."

Kelly continued, "We couldn't ride in the van together from base camp to set for the same reason. On those days, the tension on set was high and everyone felt the awkwardness."

Kelly previously dated former "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah. They had an on-again, off-again relationship for two years before they split for good in May 2022.

She is now dating Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds. In February, they were photographed sharing a hug when they stepped out for dinner in Los Angeles.

Kelly's memoir "Tell Me Everything" hits shelves on May 2.

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Minka Kelly has taken to Instagram to not only slam rumors she cheated with Jesse Williams, but to share her own story with disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein. In this photo, she attends the InStyle Golden Globes After Party in Beverly Hills, California, on Jan. 8, 2017. Getty Images