Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino surprises fans at Cinespia's screening of "Romy + Michele’s High School Reunion" on March 25, 2017, in Los Angeles. Kelly Lee Barrett / Getty Images for Cinespia

Cinespia's screening of "Romy + Michele’s High School Reunion" on Saturday, presented by season sponsor Amazon Studios, turned out to be quite the reunion indeed.

Romy (aka Academy Award-winner Mira Sorvino), as well as writer Robin Schiff, surprised the sold-out audience at the Palace Theatre in Los Angeles in honor of the film’s 20th anniversary and were welcomed with a roar of applause from the crowd that continued until the final credits rolled.

Robin Schiff, Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino (right) was joined by "Romy + Michele's High School Reunion" writer Robin Schiff at the film’s Cinespia screening. Kelly Lee Barrett / Getty Images for Cinespia

"I didn’t know when I signed on to this movie that this would be the most important movie I would ever make, but it has turned out to be that," Mira told the audience. "There’s something about it that touches so many people and people can relate to it and it seems not to get old and everyone remembers being that person in high school who needs to rise above, and the friendship and crazy fashion and all of that. So, I thank you guys for keeping it going. Romy and Michele lives because of you."

Mira Sorvino, Christopher Backus
Mira Sorvino and husband Christopher Backus recreated a traditional prom pose at Cinespia's screening of "Romy + Michele's High School Reunion." Kelly Lee Barrett / Getty Images for Cinespia

Mira was joined by her husband, Christopher Backus, and her children.