Miss Asia Pacific World is a new beauty pageant/model search spotlighting the gorgeous, talented women from all over the world and bringing them to the Southeast.

The U.S. is hosting its own pageant to select a lucky girl to represent the country in the Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 pageant.

Contestants hail from different parts of the U.S., including the District of Colombia, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, New York, Alabama, Missouri, and New Mexico. Even Puerto Rico, considered a U.S. territory, is represented.

The nine contestants will compete for the title of Miss Asia Pacific World USA pageant on April 22 live from the Crown Plaza Resort & Hotel in Orlando, Florida at 8PM. Call or email pageant organizers to get tickets. Tickets cost $25 for the pageant and subsequent cocktail event. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

The winner will receive thousands of dollars in prizes and travel opportunities to Japan, Puerto Rico, China, and South Korea.

Most importantly, the lucky lady will represent the U.S. in the Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 pageant being held on June 16 in South Korea.

The 2011 winner Florima Treiber of France will crown her successor then!