• The 14-year-old went missing on Sept. 30 after the Boulder High Football game
  • Last seen with two older men, she was located alive Monday at a home in Thornton
  • Cops believe she took "considerable steps" to avoid contact with family, law enforcement

Chloe Campbell, a young teen from Colorado who was feared to be "at risk" following her disappearance from a football game in Boulder, has been found alive at a home in Thornton, 10 days after she was last seen, police said.

Chloe, 14, who was reported missing on Sept. 30 after the Boulder High football game, was found safe with no visible signs of injury at around 5 p.m. Monday from the residence about 30 miles southeast of Boulder, the city's Police Chief Maris Herold said, as reported by NY Post.

After Chloe went missing, her parents, David Campbell and Jessica Knape lost all contact with her and raised concerns about her safety fearing she might be held against her will or trafficked. The parents said they received a disturbing photo of their daughter looking "injured and unwell" from an anonymous source.

However, after the teen was located, cops said they have no evidence that indicates Chloe was held against her will. "We have no belief at this time that she was held against her will," Boulder Deputy Police Chief Stephen Redfearn said.

Chloe took "considerable steps" to avoid contact with law enforcement and her family while she was missing, officials said. The police believe that Chloe ran away from her home but they will be investigating the details around her disappearance, including where the teen was and what she did when she was away from her family.

The investigators did not issue an Amber alert for Chloe as they did not get any evidence indicating she was abducted, CBS News reported. However, they feared Chloe was "at risk" as she may not have had access to money or her medication.

Before she was found, officials said they had received information that Chloe might be in contact with some of her friends, and she was spotted in and around Boulder after her missing.

"Friends have received messages that they believe could be from Chloe saying she is safe with a 'family' in Arizona and does not want to return home," the police said during the investigation.

But, Chloe's parents said the communication could not be confirmed as they are from an unfamiliar Snapchat handle.

"We, however, had indications that she was alive throughout the week. Police are relieved that she has been located," Redfearn said after locating the teen.

Meanwhile, the cops also confirmed that the two men, who were reportedly seen along with Chloe on the Boulder Creek Trail after the football game, were not involved in her running away.

Police lights
Representation. The lights of a police car. tevenet/Pixabay