• Neighbor said his home security footage showed missing Gannon Stauch leaving his home on Jan. 27 with a female relative 
  • He came forward with the footage to police after he saw "inconsistencies" in the initial reports of Gannon's disappearance
  • The El Paso County Sheriff's Office said it would thoroughly vet the video before commenting on its authenticity 

A neighbor came forward with home surveillance footage allegedly showing still missing Gannon Stauch, 11, getting into a truck with a female relative, Colorado Springs, Colorado, police said Thursday.

Roderrick Drayton, 49, said he caught Gannon on camera leaving his family’s home in Colorado Springs on Jan. 27. The boy got into a truck parked outside before leaving with a female relative. The woman reportedly returned four hours later without Gannon.

The reported footage conflicts with the original report from Gannon’s mother, Leticia Stauch, who said she last saw him leave to go to a friend’s house on Jan. 27.

“I mean, it blows her story out of the water,” Drayton told reporters. “She came back at 2:19 without him.”

Drayton said he came forward with the alleged footage after he “noticed inconsistencies” in the initial reports. He then reached out to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, which expressed gratitude for anything that can help their investigation.

“Any piece of this investigation is big to us,” El Paso sheriff’s Sgt. Deborah Mynatt said in an interview with Denver ABC-affiliate, KMGH. However, Mynatt didn’t comment further on the validity of the video and said the sheer volume of “tips” police received has made the investigation more difficult.

“We have to vet each one of these,” Mynatt said. “It takes time away from an investigation.”

Despite frustrations, she said anyone with valid information about Gannon’s location or evidence to his whereabouts should come forward.

“We want anything that you’ve seen with your own eyes,” Mynatt said.

Gannon was first listed as a runaway after disappearing on Jan. 27 before his status was changed to missing/endangered. Police have received aid from FBI and hundreds of civilian volunteers with search efforts in and around Colorado Springs.

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