Patrick Frazee, the man accused of killing missing Colorado mom, Kelsey Berreth, may place the blame for the murder on another suspect, according to court documents filed before his trial. Frazee, the fiancé of Berreth, allegedly beat her with a baseball bat, burned her body, and disposed of her remains.

While the court documents filed do not indicate who Frazee will name as a suspect it is thought that he might implicate his mistress, Krystal Lee Kenney, CBS News reported. Kenney entered into a plea deal with prosecutors in exchange for her testimony against Frazee. She was charged with evidence tampering of Berreth’s cellphone.

Kenney also admits to cleaning up the crime scene after Frazee allegedly murdered Berreth. She claims that Frazee told her about killing Berreth and that she watched him burn her remains outside his home.

A close friend of Kenney, Michelle Stein, told CBS News in February that Kenney was fearful for her own life. Stein said, “I think he's a very dangerous person. She had very, very good reasoning for whatever it is she may or may not have done.

"I think he is a true narcissist, he is a master manipulator. He probably manipulates every single person that comes in contact with him because he thinks he can," she went on to tell the news outlet.

Frazee’s trial is scheduled for October. Frazee’s lawyers have requested a jury pool of 300 people because of the publicity surrounding the case, the news outlet reported. Prosecutors have not sought the death penalty in the case. Frazee pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.  

Berreth was last seen on Thanksgiving Day on surveillance footage at a Safeway grocery store. Frazee is thought to be the last person to see her alive. Berreth’s remains have not been found.