On Monday, Fotis Dulos was taken into custody and charged with murder and kidnapping pertaining to Jennifer Dulos' May 24 disappearance. Fotis' former girlfriend Michelle Troconis and his one-time attorney Kent Mawhinney were also charged with conspiracy to commit murder regarding the mother of five's whereabouts.

Now, new details continue to emerge as to what the future looks like for the three parties involved moving forward.

According to the Hartford Courant, a 35-page affidavit was released on Tuesday that revealed a few key pieces of evidence that law enforcement looked at before bringing the new charges.

Per the outlet, investigators had discovered "zip ties smeared with Jennifer Farber Dulos’ blood" and had focused on a missing French bicycle police believe Dulos used when he was a child. The bike's significance hinges on the fact that surveillance video shows a man in a dark hoodie riding such a bike towards Jennifer's home on the morning of May 24.

It was also stated that the zip ties are what led to the kidnapping charge due to the fact that DNA evidence "shows that Farber Dulos was bound with zip ties and placed in a garbage bag inside the garage of her New Canaan home." As stated in the arrest warrant affidavit, “There’s little reason to zip tie a dead person, so it is reasonable that she was alive when she was bound by the ties and they were used to prevent her escape.”

This follows the discovery of other pieces of evidence that were found that seemingly linked Fotis to the crime.

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As for Troconis, the arrest warrant affidavit highlights the fact that police say she stuck to a concocted story about where they were on the day of Jennifer's disappearance. Previously, Fotis had been accused of providing police with an alibi script.

Kent Mawhinney, who also faces a new charge, had reportedly been in Fotis' office on the morning of the alleged murder. Troconis placed him there by saying that at that time he had instructed her to answer Fotis' cell phone, which he had left behind. ABC7 also states that police have hinted that they believe he may have helped dig the hole to bury Jennifer's body.

Additionally, law enforcement had also focused on the firsthand account of Lauren Almeida, who once worked as a nanny for the couple. In November, Gloria Farber and her attorney Richard Weinstein had asked a judge to allow a deposition to take place. Hartford Superior Court Judge Cesar Noble later approved the motion.

Fotis is expected to be arraigned on Wednesday. Currently, he has a bond set at $6 million, while Troconis and Mawhinney have their bonds set at $2 million.

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