Following the May 24 disappearance of Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos, investigators have continued to focus on her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos.

At this time, both he and his one-time girlfriend Michelle Troconis are facing charges of evidence tampering and hindering prosecution. Now, a second attempt has been made by Jennifer's mom, Gloria Farber, to obtain financial records regarding how Fotis is paying for his legal team.

According to the Stamford Advocate, attorney Richard Weinstein, who is serving as Farber's representation, has been attempting to prove that Fotis transferred "substantial" sums of money from his real estate development company, Fore Group, to Greece.

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In the new court filing, Weinstein stated that they were attempting to determine if the funds of either or both defendants were "being funneled through a surrogate" or if other loans were "being advanced by third parties on behalf of defendant Dulos."

Additionally, this move was said to be an attempt to uncover any assets owned by Fotis Dulos and to conduct a comprehensive forensic accounting of Fotis' home building business.

Superior Court Judge Cesar A. Noble, who is overseeing the lawsuit filed by Farber, initially denied the request to depose Fotis' lawyer Norm Pattis. As stated by Noble on Thursday, the order called the deposition unnecessary due to the fact that his testimony and the surrounding records "aren't reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence."

Previously, Fotis, 52, was ordered to release records pertaining to how he was paying for his lawyers, but his attorneys objected, stating that the information was bound by client-attorney confidentiality.

Earlier this month, Fotis' attorney also alleged that a recent medical bill his client received could prove that Jennifer was still alive due to the fact that it was dated July 7, which was approximately two months after the New Canaan, Connecticut resident went missing. However, Jennifer's family recently hit back against the claim, calling it "absurd," "baseless," and "cruel" in a new statement that was issued by spokesperson Carrie Luft.

Currently, Fotis has not been officially charged with anything directly tying him to the mother of five's disappearance, but remains under a gag order. It is unclear when either he or Troconis will head back to court at this time.

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