The search continues to find out what happened to Jennifer Dulos following her May 24 disappearance. Last week, in the midst of the investigation surrounding the whereabouts of the New Canaan, Connecticut resident, a surprising development emerged regarding Michelle Troconis and Fotis Dulos.

Fotis, Jennifer's estranged husband, and Troconis, Fotis' one-time girlfriend, have reportedly separated. According to the Hartford Courant, Troconis, 44, moved her belongings out of the Farmington residence that she once shared with Fotis, 52. Per the publication, she and her teenage daughter had lived at the home with Fotis for several years leading up to the move, which reportedly began two weeks ago and only recently concluded.

On the same day that news of the relocation broke, Troconis also briefly appeared before Judge John Blawie. As stated by her attorney, Andrew Bowman, they are still in the process of reviewing the vast amount of evidence that has been turned over to them by prosecutors.

Troconis was also recently accused of abusing her Fifth Amendment rights during a 45-minute deposition with Gloria Farber's attorney, Richard Weinstein.

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As for Fotis, he has reportedly hired a new defense attorney to work in conjunction with Norm Pattis. Attorney Chris La Tronica, who also worked on the 2017 Tony Moreno case, filed an appearance in state Superior Court in Stamford so that he could represent Fotis.

According to the Middletown Press, the aforementioned 2017 case revolved around Moreno dropping his infant son off a 100-foot bridge as an act of retaliation against the child's mother, Adrianne Oyola. This new development comes on the heels of Fotis not only being accused of funneling money, but also requesting that a court-ordered gag order be dismissed.

Earlier this month, Fotis's attorney, Norm Pattis, also revealed what he said be believed could be evidence that the mother of five was alive. However, that claim has yet to fully be substantiated.

At this time, both parties involved have only been formally charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution. Troconis' case was continued until Dec. 6. Fotis Dulos is scheduled to appear for his next pre-trial hearing on Nov. 6.

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