An Indiana man was arrested after his missing girlfriend’s body was found in his apartment on Monday.

On May 16, a man filed a missing persons report and told police he hadn’t seen or spoken to his mother, 50-year-old Heather Nanny-Cole, since she left their home 10 days back to go to her boyfriend’s apartment.

“A 20-year-old man reported that his 50-year-old mother was missing and hadn’t heard from here since May 6th and was obviously concerned about her well-being and was unable to get in contact with her,” Bloomington Police Captain Ryan Pedigo told local media.

On Monday, the son’s friend, who was helping him search for the missing woman, alerted the police after finding Nanny-Cole’s car near her boyfriend’s apartment. The friend told the officers Nanny-Cole’s boyfriend, 59-year-old John Bryant, did not allow her inside his apartment.

Officers arrived at the apartment in the 700 block of East Alpine Trail and Bryant allowed them to search the residence.

“He did eventually allow officers inside. Once inside officers noticed an object on floor covered with blanket that appeared to be size of human body. Lifting the blanket it was apparent it was a deceased female,” said Pedigo.

The woman had multiple stab wounds on her back and based on the decomposition of the body, police determined she died several days before her body was discovered. Investigation also revealed the accused and the victim had only been dating for two weeks.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend was taken into custody from his apartment on a preliminary charge of murder. He was being held at the Monroe County Jail without bond. Investigation was underway and the motive behind the murder was not known.

“That’ll be something that hopefully as the investigation continues we’ll be able to answer some of those questions for the family,” said Pedigo.

In a similar incident in Pennsylvania earlier this month, the body of a missing woman was found inside a refrigerator in her boyfriend’s apartment building. A smell from an unplugged refrigerator in the second-floor hallway prompted the neighbors to look into it. The neighbors found a corpse and immediately alerted the police who confirmed it was the missing woman’s body. The woman’s boyfriend was arrested and charged.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay