• Sheena Baxter reportedly was last seen outside her family's mobile home in Scott County, Kentucky, on Friday
  • She was reportedly waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, but told her family he hadn't been by
  • Baxter's family and local police have asked for the public's help in locating the missing mother of three

Kentucky police Wednesday searched for a mother of three who reportedly was last seen outside her family’s mobile home waiting for her boybriend.

Sheena Baxter was last seen on Friday shen she stepped outside the mobile home in Scott County. Her sister, Christa Crummley, said the family’s initial thought was that Baxter’s boyfriend arrived and she left.

“When she went out we just assumed that maybe she did just leave with him right then and there,” Crummley told reporters. “He might have just came on by. And then you know, when he called and let us know he didn't and he wanted to know where she was we went outside and her bag and everything is still there.”

The family filed a missing person’s report for Baxter with the Scott County Sheriff’s Department on Sunday.

Crummley said the family tried to get in touch with Baxter but got no response. She then asked anyone who had information regarding her sister’s disappearance to come forward.

“It was 7:30 Friday night. It was still kind of light out at that time. It wasn't completely dark,” Crummley said. “Someone had to see something. I want more help. I know we need more help because we don't even have no clues.”

Crummley’s plea was echoed by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, which asked anyone with information about Baxter’s disappearance or possible location to get in touch with police.

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Representation image of a crime scene. Gerd Altmann/ Pixabay