Police in St. Louis arrested a man for alleged evidence tampering in the disappearance of his wife earlier in the week

Jennifer Rothwell, 28, was reported missing on Tuesday shortly after leaving her home in St. Louis County that morning. She was last seen wearing business clothes, and her car was found abandoned around 2 miles from her home.

“She has not been seen or in contact with anyone since leaving her home,” the St. Louis County Police Department wrote in a Facebook update. “Jennifer has no history of leaving and is normally in contact with family members and friends on a daily basis.”

Her disappearance was first treated as a missing person’s case, but was changed to a homicide case on Wednesday.

St. Louis Police arrested husband Beau Rothwell, 28, Wednesday after finding alleged “evidence associated with a crime of murder” in the couple’s home and indications steps had been taken to alter it.

Investigators found the alleged evidence during a search of the couple’s home. Officers reportedly found a wet, bleach soaked carpet with signs of blood on the carpet and a pad underneath. Rothwell also allegedly was seen leaving a store near their home with cleaning materials, including bleach, carpet cleaner, and gloves.

Rothwell is facing charges of tampering with evidence and is being held on $100,000 bond.

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